These women have asked for more money and promotions, and they have gotten what they asked for and more. They are quicker to talk openly and unabashedly about their strengths and the value they add wherever they contribute. Collectively, they are making more money, getting more respect, and doing more of the work they want to be doing in their careers.
Are you ready to uncover your strengths and ask for and get what you want in life?


Are you ready to drop-kick uncertainty and perfectionism to the curb because of the ways they hold you back? Bold in Business is a live 6-week online course for women who want to develop and practice new skills to be bolder and more successful in their work. Offered as a weekly online interactive course, it covers:

*Developing a Growth Mindset – What are your strengths and how do you highlight and build them?


Bold in Business understands how to support and empower both men and women working in organizations who are ready to take more risks, achieve better sales, and lead teams to greater success.

Through training in salesmanship, negotiation, risk management, and bold goal planning, your employees will raise their games and achieve bigger goals.

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