What would happen if every woman regularly spoke her mind?

What if she never worried that others might criticize her or call her a bitch?

What if it simply never occurred to her to try and please others when expressing her beliefs?

What if she never, ever, concerned herself with the need to be perfect – to make no mistake and avoid at all cost anything that would embarrass?

What if every woman spoke her mind – with no fear of criticism or rebuke? What if she never gave a thought to retribution from those more powerful? What if she always acted on her beliefs and refused to hold her tongue?

What if every woman believed her voice was needed – that speaking up was not just her right, but also her obligation? What if her commitment to herself and to the world was to speak up – to be heard, regardless of the risk?

Would the bullying strategies of industries who put profit ahead of safety stop? Would powerful individuals, who hurt others with impunity be held accountable? Would we hold those in power to their promises? Would saving our planet for our children and future generations be a higher priority?

Would we still have mass shootings?

Would we allow those motivated by power, hatred or greed to rule us – whether in our homes, our places of work, or our halls of government?

A year from now – what would the world look like if every women in it could own her power, use her voice, and speak her conscience?

Speak your mind.

Live your power.

Written by Emily Barrosse

Emily has worked for over 30 years as an editor, marketer, sales guru, public speaker, fundraiser, strategist, and leader. She worked for 25+ years in the publishing industry, where she rose to the position of Editor in Chief of a major New York publisher. She has also worked to raise funds for a non-profit whose mission it was to raise the college enrollment rates for low income high schools.


  1. Loved this. Empowering to be reminded. I told my boss I was quitting today, finally speaking my personal truth. He apologized for being a jerk and committed to doing better at treating me like a respected and valued employee. Whoa. I did not expect that at all.

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