img_1683-434x640-e1501560086571.jpg Emily Barrosse has worked for over 30 years as an editor, marketer, sales guru, public speaker, fundraiser, strategist, and leader.

She has worked in the publishing industry and the non-profit sector, where time after time, she stepped into lagging businesses and turned them around to success. As Editor in Chief of a division of McGraw-Hill, where she managed a team of 100, she transformed the culture to create a competitive, hungry, growth-driven business. Fueled by explosive creativity, her division quadrupled pipeline productivity with innovative print and digital content for the future.

She built and led the team that shattered sales records for a college textbook: the first edition of Greg Mankiw’s Economics – the most successful first edition college textbook ever published.

With her reputation as a rain maker, Emily was the person you called when sales were disappointing, the team was underperforming, and the existing strategy wasn’t working. Time after time when faced with this challenge, she built new, more successful strategies, made changes to the culture as needed, and outperformed sales and revenue expectations.

Emily’s passion is giving women the leg-up they need to be successful. She believes that “fake it till you make it” can really work, and nothing will drive change and improve confidence faster than taking action.

In the business world, too many women today are held back by self-doubt. Emily helps intend women move from feeling powerless in their careers to accessing the strength and bold wisdom they already own.