Achieve Your Bold Goals for Bolder Success in Business

 When you set goals for your business, do you set goals you are comfortable with? Do you set goals that you are pretty confident you can achieve? Or, do you set bold goals, goalsthat will astound even you when you achieve them?

This workshop will teach you to think bolder, plan bolder, and act bolder for your business and for your life so you can make more money and achieve the success you desire.

 You will learn how to:

  • Set Bolder Goals – Are your goals bold enough? What would happen if you doubled your business goal today, what would you need to achieve that?
  • Bold Goal Strategy – You will create a strategy for one bold goal, breaking it down into manageable steps and committing to dates.
  • Bold Goal Implementation – You will learn why people fail at goals they set for themselves and how to set up a goal and be successful in implementing it.
  • Walk the Talk – You will learn how to convey your power through your language and your body in order to sell your ideas and get the buy-in you need.
I want to give you the opportunity to create the life and business you truly want.  

I know that sounds hard, but I know you can have it.  
It’s why I created …Bold Goal – it’s a 5 week program designed to help you take action each and every day to accomplish your boldest goals.

You are invited to take part. The program will be limited to 15 participants so you can have a truly collaborative experience with other like-minded women who will collaborate with you, brainstorm with you, and support you in making your goal.  


If you want:  
More Clients
More Money
The daily excitement of implementing on your goal
To stop the negative voices
To feel like you are not alone
To understand what it means to truly own your power  
Be bold. Take action. Start here.  

This program will build on what you just experienced in the Five Day Challenge. But it will include even more support, more strategy, more collaboration, so you can see that goal through to the successful end! I’m creating this space to show you how to envision and set your bold goal and then how to make it happen with the support you need.

Do It. Take Action. Be Bold!

Cost: $199.00 for 5 weeks – 1hr class
Discount to challenge participants just through April 2nd – $149.00
Begins May 11th, 2019

About Emily:

With over 30 years experience as a strategist and leader in publishing and in her own businesses, Emily Barrosse earned her reputation as a “rainmaker” by taking bold actions that resulted in spectacular successes.
As an Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, she transformed the sluggish culture into a competitive, hungry, growth-driven business. Fueled by explosive creativity, her division quadrupled pipeline productivity with innovative content for the future.
As a coach and teacher, Emily’s passion is in empowering women to be bolder and to reach for greater success. She believes, with the right mindset, every woman can confidently achieve bolder goals. From personal experience, she knows nothing drives change and improves confidence faster than taking action.