Bold in Business is a live 6-week online course for women who want to develop and practice new skills to be bolder and more confident in their work.

Offered as a weekly online interactive course, in it we cover:

*Developing a Growth Mindset – What are your strengths and how do you highlight and build them?   What are your challenge areas and what is your plan for developing them into strengths that serve you? In this class, we work on identifying, multiplying, and amplifying what is already working, and honestly examining and setting strategy for the opportunities for growth.

*Setting Bold Goals – For those of us who are perfectionists, our plan is to take that risk just as soon as I get this perfect – and that means never taking the risk at all. Are you taking the risks you want to take in your work and in your life? Are you sharing your ideas with others? We identify bold goals you want to take and begin the work of achieving them.

*Goal Implementation – It’s not enough to set the goals, you have to implement them as well. What are the obstacles that get in your way? In what ways do you self-sabotage? We learn new strategies for implementing steps toward goals and holding ourselves accountable.

*Embracing Assertiveness & Self-Promotion – There are so many ways we signal our strength and our self-doubt.  Understanding what message your body language and written and verbal communication are conveying is critical. We identify and role-play opportunities for communicating our strengths and you get a chance for plenty of practice.

*Communicating Powerfully – Asking for what you want and deserve; sharing your ideas and proposals; saying no; dealing with confrontation and saying what you mean directly – these are powerful abilities that will serve you well. Again, if you want to truly adopt new behaviors – you must practice. We practice this important work in small groups.

*Resilience & Managing Risk – Hand in hand with the need to be able to deal with confrontation, effective women also need grit and resilience.  We don’t always have to win, but we do have to get up and try again.  We help you figure out when to give up the fight and lose gracefully, and what to do if something goes wrong.  Because it will.