Free Confidence Webinar

Tired of people pleasing and waiting to be recognized at work?  Want to ask for what you deserve, get the recognition for your hard work, and advance your career?

Confidence is not innate—it’s a skill to be developed.

The Bold in Business Program brings together women from all walks of life in a 6 week “live” online course to learn together and practice skills that grow confidence.

The key to being bold is to build confidence. The way to build confidence is through taking action.

Unlike other online courses that focus on canned video content, every Bold in Business class takes place in a live, interactive, classroom led by an experienced coach. There you will identify limiting behaviors that have held you back in your work, and you’ll practice new language and skills that will signal your strength and confidence to others.

You’ll develop a more confident posture, firm and clear communication, tactics for selling yourself and your ideas, methods of dealing with confrontation, and new strategies for taking action.

“I finished the course with a new sense of confidence that I have the right tools to succeed as a young woman in my highly competitive, male-dominated field. I’m still learning to use the strategies we learned in class, but I feel light years ahead in the workplace compared to a few months ago. I may have wanted that raise, those better hours, but I didn’t know I truly deserved them until after talking with Emily and other Bold Women about my work. I am now ​firmer and more confident in my communications about issues at work.”​  Stephanie A.

Join me and other women like you for a free confidence webinar 

designed to give you a preview of the course, and take the first step in claiming the bold life you’d like to be living.

Sign up here for free webinar:

January 3rd, 2018

8:00PM Eastern                                                                                                                                                                                       

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