The Course

Confidence is not innate—it’s a skill to be developed. You might be resigned to the fact that you’re “just not that confident,” but I’m here to tell you that you can feel and project confidence every day, in every interaction. I’m passionate about helping women develop and strengthen their confidence , and I give them the tools, strategies, and support to do so. I want to teach you to be direct in expressing yourself, to sell your ideas with passion, to take risks knowing you will sometimes fail, and to ask for what you want.

But it’s not just me. You’ll have an entire community of Bold Women supporting you and cheering you on, every step of the way.


Course Content

  • Owning Your Strengths – What are you good at?  How do you know?  How can you highlight those strengths?   We’ll help you to identify, multiply, and amplify what is already working for you.
  • Developing Sales and Influence Skills – Good leaders influence more than just the people who report to them; they use their influence to spread their ideas across a company.  We’ll walk you through the best practices on how to influence others and practice the ones that will work best in your situation.
  • Managing Risk – What is your risk awareness? Risk aggressive or risk averse?  Knowing when to push or retreat is a core competency of every leader.  We’ll look at steps to consider so you can make bold and wise decisions.  And then we will teach you how to communicate it.
  • Mastering Assertiveness Language – Debate and confrontation are part of every business leader’s day.  Understanding what language to use under what circumstances can be the difference between a motivated and a disgruntled team, between an effective and ineffectual leader.  We’ll identify and role-play these situations and give you plenty of safe space to practice.
  • Resilience – Hand in hand with the need to be able master confrontation, great leaders also have grit and resilience.  We don’t always have to win, but we do have to get up and try again.  We’ll help you figure out when to give up the fight and lose gracefully, and what to do if something goes wrong.  Because it will.
  • Visualization – Setting goals and working your career path is an important part of building your confidence.  We’ll help you to set that path by teaching you how to visualize your future.  These strategies will help keep you moving forward, even if your path changes.
  • Network and Community – Today’s world works on networks and good leaders are active networkers.  Technology makes it easy to connect but simply reaching out on LinkedIn will not suffice.  We’ll teach you the best practices of networking and how to activate your community for leadership guidance and opportunities.

How is the course delivered?16472-men-and-women-at-a-town-hall-meeting-pv

  • Weekly lectures via Zoom (online platform) – Each week we will introduce the topic live and through engaging video.  The content provides the foundation for practice and discussion.  We use plenty of real-life examples because, well, we are real-life women in business.
  • Class assignments and peer review comments posted weekly – How do you get to the top?  Practice, practice, practice.  Weekly assignments and discussion topics help you to practice the skills you need in a safe environment.  Your peers will help you to shape your learning by commenting on your work as you comment on theirs.  You may be required to post a video of your risk analysis presentation or present a piece of persuasive writing to your peers for comment.
  • Weekly small team work sessions via Zoom (online platform) – Teams will collaborate on problem-based learning activities throughout the course combining individual skills to solve a current work problem.  Participants will identify and select issues to work through.  More real practice, more real confidence.
  • Coaching – At the start of the course you and your coach will go through your personal goals. You meet again at the end to explore your action plan for the future.

We believe you already have the intelligence, integrity, focus, and experience to successfully reach for bigger goals and achieve them. You just need a little help unlocking the chutzpah we know is there waiting to be tapped.