Bold in Business is for the women who have done the work:

studied hard; got good grades; were polite and raised their hands; the women who started at the bottom and dutifully worked their way up from one step to the next; women who have earned the power – but wait quietly, uncertain how to ask for it or take it as their due;

For the women who feel powerless, frustrated, and bewildered by a system/culture/world for which they were not groomed and are under-prepared.

It is for the women who have more talent, wisdom, and integrity than they now use.
They are hungry for their chance; they are hungry for the power they have earned that sits dormant; they are hungry for the courage to act. They think they yearn for recognition – they really yearn for self-sufficiency (to not care).

They yearn for boldness – for the courage to take action knowing they could succeed or fail. They yearn for greatness – to live in the world as all of who they are.
They are afraid of failing, afraid of being held back, afraid of being criticized and judged. They are afraid of not pleasing; they are afraid of looking afraid.

Bold in Business is not for women who are not yet ready to try, whose fear prevents them from taking action. It is not for women who want success at any cost, or for women who think confidence is a zero sum game – “only one of us can have it and it’s going to be me” It is not for the women who are egotistical or self-absorbed to the point where they can’t commit to being part of a community that pulls each other up or for those who are incapable of humility and whose insecurity leads them to judgement of others.

This community is for women ready to move forward in the world understanding and accessing the power they own. It is a community of support where the powerful first step is to destigmatize feelings of insecurity and low confidence in order to begin the process of letting old messaging go.
In this program women work to own their power and they commit to reaching out to support the women around them doing the same work.