Emily Barrosse is founder and CEO of Bold in Business, a coaching program that teaches women how to achieve bolder goals in business. As a leadership consultant, Emily has expertise in developing leaders, strategic planning, change management and cultural diversity. Emily is known for her ability to facilitate strategic and cultural change to drive sustained business growth and for building high performance, innovative cultures. She is adept at building successful teams of entrepreneurs and developing diverse leaders at all levels.

She developed her track record of executive success while working in leadership roles in the publishing industry. She has more than 30 years of hands-on experience building businesses in competitive, fast changing industries. As a Vice President; Editor in Chief at McGraw-Hill, she was responsible for setting strategy for a $500 million digital and print education business.  In that role, she drove tremendous growth through a radical redesign of strategy and the creation of a new entrepreneurial leadership team.

Emily has negotiated thousands of business agreements in her roles as editor, publisher, and editor in chief in the publishing industry. Her experience also includes managing large teams in complex negotiations in the area of corporate partnerships and acquisitions.

In addition to her negotiation and sales expertise, Emily is a keen listener and communicator, and an excellent coach in the area of developing diverse entrepreneurial leaders.  She is particularly passionate about working with individuals and organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion, and her interests include working with and advancing women and minorities at every level in organizations.

AB headshot 2017“The Bold in Business course was such a great experience. From day one, Emily helped us visualize the ideal life we’d like to be living and identify what’s standing in our way. Then we got to work, learning strategies for confidence and practicing them in a safe environment with a group of smart, supportive women. We cheered each other on and gave each other permission to be bold. Every woman I know would benefit from taking this course, because they don’t teach us boldness in school!”

“I learned a lot of great strategies and tools to help me be more bold, and the community of women really learned from each other, pushed each other, and supported each other.”

-April Boland, Marketing Director


Adrienne“When I started with a new client who was a strong, well-known male business owner in DC, I made a few mistakes and oversights that were embarrassing. Instead of apologizing like a girl (“I’m so sorry I don’t know what happened!”) I apologized like a bold woman. “I apologize, I undercharged on the contract. Here’s what we agreed to.” Period. He replied when I showed him the correct figure, “This is fine with me.”Adrienne Hand, co- author of the business leadership book Make Way For Women


 “This course meets you where you are, and we all have room for growth when it

comes to feeling comfortable proclaiming our strengths and asking for what we want without apology. I didn’t understand ahead of time how I would grow throughout this course, but I did, and if you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be honest, you will too.”

“I will use what I learned in the class regularly as I explore some leadership opportunities.”

-Laura B.

“This course was extremely useful and enriching; it provided me with both specific, actionable tactics to integrate in to my day to day routine while also challenging me to consider the important bigger picture questions as I shape my career path.”

-Meredith W.

“Since taking this course, I am much more confident in my choices at work. Even though I still struggle with it, I care significantly less about what others are thinking and my work has improved from that.”

“I am more confident, stronger and more successful at work because of this course. It will change my career trajectory.”

“You’ll take away more from the class than just a few lectures. Emily offers individual attention for each student to help them achieve their goals.”

-Stephanie A.